Command the Room


COMMAND THE ROOM is professional development for business professionals, men and women, who aren’t always taken seriously as the mature competent leaders they are. I find that even in this day and age, many people’s contributions are passed over or not listened to, because of voice quality or weak presentation. Working with me, my clients go through a proven process to gain confidence, develop a powerful voice and presence, and to go from ignored to inspiring so their valuable voice is heard.


How can COMMAND THE ROOM help you?

Enhance the effectiveness of your employees by bringing Command the Room to your business. Command the Room begins with an affordable, in-house, one-day seminar to teach your employees core skills that will enhance their abilities when presenting themselves to clients. Longer term group classes and private coaching’s are also available.


Who am I?

I am an actor, singer and university professor teaching voice and speech, on-camera skills to actors and diction and English language skills to foreign students. I have trained media professionals, schoolteachers, business professionals, foreign professionals, actors, slam poets and other voice users, in c.e.workshops, Staff development, university and public classes and privately, to:

  • strengthen their voices,
  • speak more clearly
  • present themselves with more awareness and confidence.


What’s the buzz?

The following is what one media professional had to say about her work with me.

There is a lot more to voice work than one might expect. Connie is a master at her craft and she knows how to apply her talents to help students working in a variety of industries.


Prices and Booking

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Call: 215-429-4516, or e-mail