a-single-shardIn 2013, Living Bookshelf brought the book “A Single Shard” to life with the 6th grade students at Elkins Park School in Cheltenham School District, north of Philadelphia.

The performance for this project was on May 24th 2013 from 2 – 3 At Elkins Park School:  8149 New 2nd Street, Melrose Park, PA 19027   (for more information about the Living bookshelf project, click on our logo on the left of your screen to read our flyer.)

It was be a special day. Newbery Award winning author Linda Sue Park will be at the school to talk with the students about writing.  For more information about author Linda Sue Park go to http://www.lindasuepark.com/

Here is a summary of the book.  Tree-ear is an orphan boy in a 12th-century Korean potters’ village. For a long time he is content living with Crane-man under a bridge barely surviving on scraps of food. All that changes when he sees master potter Min making his beautiful pottery. Tree-ear sneaks back to Min’s workplace and dreams of creating his own pots someday. When he accidentally breaks a pot, he must work for the master to pay for the damage. Though the work is long and hard, Tree-ear is eager to learn. Then he is sent to the King’s Court to show the master’s pottery. Little does Tree-ear know that this difficult and dangerous journey will change his life forever.

The performance included the Elkins Park School Orchestra supported by members of the music faculty and Broadway and Opera trained singers from the greater Philadelphia area.  Two of our singers are Korean born and will answer questions from students about their culture.

Elkins Park School has an active enrichment program and the 6th grade was treated this fall with a day of assemblies about Korea and a sampling of Korean food and dance.

If you would like to see this performance contact Bunni Feingold at Living Bookshelf, at  215-646-2664 or email us at livingbookshelf@gmail.com